Hey! This is Andrew and i'm very happy to announce that Xtrement is Officially Opened. We are currently working hard to maintain the website's performance and design.

This is also the first blog post. Now some thngs you should know about the website. We are more then happy to take your ideas of things we should add to the website. You can either contact me (Andrew) or sign the guestbook.

Sponsorship coming soon. We are making a snorsorship page where you can take one of our banners, put it on your website, and contact us. We'll take a banner/text link and put it on the sponsor page of out website. There will be a sponsor-check every 4 weeks.

Xtrement Help? Yes, Yes! There soon will be a form application that you can do. You send us the information. Like i said soon. So if you would like a chance to help make Xtrement better and bigger.

In the near future, maybe January 2010. There will be a contest like no other hosted by Xtrement. The contest is big. The prizes are bigger. The excitement is even better. So stay tuned and get ready.

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